Welcome To BlackMoneyMatters.com

Written by Gil Michel.

Thank you so much for visiting Black Money Matters.  Since our inception on September 15, 2005, we have received numerous emails and phone calls in support of our efforts here.  We are striving to become a well of information for the Black community.  We ask you to feel free to contact us with financial questions, and  other informative sources of information that will benefit the community.  Remember, this site belongs to all of us, so please feel free to share. 

We are by no means the end-all authority or the final word when it comes to personal finances, but we believe that our knowledge can be shared in such a way to help avoid some pitfalls and mistakes that some of us have already gone through.  We understand that your time is valuable and that the internet is full of websites that can educate you.

Thank you for choosing to visit  us today!

BMM features:

  • Financial Advice from Gil Michel & His Team

  • Editorials that Challenge our Thinking

  • Monthly Newsletters to Keep Us Abreast of New Events

Coming Soon...

  • The Return of Fictional Story- Jamal Washington: CEO

  • Celebrity Interviews on the subject of financial matters.

  • Online Web seminars by experts in several fields

  • Radio Shows, both online and locally in select markets

  • Product Showcase on Items for the Business-Minded and Professional

  • Online Community including Forums and Chatroom to exchange ideas

  • BMM Investment Clubs that gather people together locally to grow their money together

  • Annual Financial  Conference to bring greater exposure to the masses in our community